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Environment Awareness system is much attended part of the management policy of our organisation. KGN strictly comply its EAS (Environment Awareness System) in place, which is an integral component of our business processes and of our strategic planning. We pay utmost importance to protection of both environment and ecology. Comprehensive identification and assessment of risks relating to our operations and products is a prerequisite for our business processes. Appropriate measures are taken to manage, minimize or eliminate, and communicate the risks.

Our management is attentive enough to provide safe, secure and healthy working conditions for the employees and contractors. Suppliers, contractors and service providers are also carefully selected taking into account their EAS performance. KGN strives for continuous improvement of its EAS performance by developing new and better processes and services with efficient use of energy and resources, minimization of environmental impact and waste generation, and safe and responsible disposal of residual wastes.

Our commitment to health, environment and safety, goes beyond critical assessment and constant improvement of our own activities. We regard it as an integral part of our product responsibility to make customers aware of the scope for improvement in the manufacture, processing or use of our products. With the abundant knowledge and experience, our application specialists are highly preferred partners in this area.

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